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Hello and thanks for stopping by Cubby Bricks based in Maryland, USA! I'm Ben and I started Cubby Bricks  in June 2020 to help others in their search for LEGO® bricks, minifigures, and sets. Where does the name Cubby Bricks come from?  Being a Chicago native, I combined my love of two things: the Chicago Cubs and LEGO®!


LEGO®  has been part of my life since I was a kid.  One of my first sets was the Emergency Treatment Center/Hospital, set number 6380 - of which I still have the ambulance rolling around my LEGO® city!  I am a proud Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and I hope that Cubby Bricks seeks to be your top destination to buy LEGO® bricks, minifigures, and sets. If you have extra LEGO® laying around, we’d be glad to take it off your hands!


We look forward to your order!



Cubby Bricks

Image by Austris Augusts

coming soon!

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